Selected Clients

We are fortunate to be able to work with a whole bunch of great creative people and organisations; some on a long-term basis, others for one-off projects.

Selected current and previous clients:

Proto-type Theater – The Audit

Rhiannon Faith

Bury St Edmunds Festival

Holt Festival

Adinda van ‘t Klooster – Still Born

The Vagaband – Something Wicked This Way Comes

Lost in Translation Circus

Art Fair East

Luke Wright

Louise Orwin

The Voice Project

Street Hunt: Joshua SofaerColchester Arts Centre

Reverend Billy: Trump Depression Hotline UK tour

H2Dance – Strangers & Others

The Neutrinos & Sal Pittman: Klanghaus

SeaChange Arts: Coasters

Badac Theatre

Sh!t Theatre

Nick Cassenbaum: Bubble Schmeisis

Dead Rat Orchestra: Tyburnia

Francesca Beard:How to Survive a Post Truth Apocalypse

Will Teather

Frozen Light: Home

Norfolk & Norwich Festival

Daily Life Ltd

Feel-Link, Puzzle and Contemporary (Arts Printing House, Lithuania) Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Joshuar Sofaer: Opera Helps

Theatre State

Chris Dobrowolski: Antarctica

Cinema City Ltd: Norfolk at the Pictures

Fuel Theatre

Cambridge Junction

Stories in Theatre / Fills Monkey

Will Pickvance

Escalator East to Edinburgh

Bryony Kimmings